Prevention of mental retardation essay

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Intellectual Disabilities Summary And Conclusion

Prevention of Mental Disorders: Effective Interventions and Policy Options, on which this Summary Report is based, offers an overview of international evidence-based programmes and policies for preventing mental and behavioural disorders.

It focuses on primary prevention rather than. FAS is known as one of the leading preventable causes of mental retardation and birth defects. If a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy the baby can be born with FAS, which is a lifelong, physically and mentally disabling condition.

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Mental retardation Essay - Part 4

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Mental Retardation Disability Introduction Mental retardation is a disability that is characterized by significant limitations that are both intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior that are expressed in conceptual, social and practical skills.

Feb 17,  · Mental Retardation Mental retardation is defined as, an individual with limitations in cognitive ability and adaptive behaviors that interfere with learning.

Individuals with mental retardation learn at a slower pace, have low IQs, and may reach a level where learning stops. Cyberbullying, Mental Health and Prevention - Cyberbullying is a widespread occurrence and can have incredibly serious consequences.

According to Goebert and colleagues (), “Recent studies have shown that cyberbullying can result in emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and suicidality” (p. ).

Mentally Retarded Essays (Examples)

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Prevention of mental retardation essay
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